Sunday, June 22, 2008


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I got this new book because I'm a big fan of the movie Labyrinth and I wanted to see what happens after the movie. There's a part 1 and 2 out right now and part three is supposed to come out in November. I heard that they are actually going to have to extend it to four parts eventually.

This comic starts out giving a brief rundown of what happened in the movie.
Sarah a spoiled teenage girl who lives in her own princess and fairies fantasy world has to babysit her baby brother Toby while her father and stepmother go out for the evening. She becomes frustrated with the crying baby and wishes the goblin king Jareth would send his goblins to take Toby away and keep him in a castle at the center of a labyrinth where he will stay and eventually be turned into a goblin.
When the wish comes true Sara begs Jareth to give Toby back and Jareth (who has fallen in love with her) gives her a chance to save him by solving the labyrinth in 13 hours.
While in the confusing and nonsensical labyrinth Sara along with friends she meets along the way solves riddles and clues and eventually saves Toby.

So the book starts out 15 years later when Toby is a teenager and has been being watched secretly over the years by Jareth. Jareth intends to hand his kingdom over to Toby and retire or whatever.
I read the book and it was nice to see some of the old characters like Hoggle and Luto again and I'll probably buy the other books even though the artwork is kind of shitty. One of the nice things about the story though is that it has a lot of opportunities for spin off stories with the characters. It kind of makes me want to write one myself.