Thursday, March 6, 2014


Just checking in to update everyone on my recent activities.
I've been keeping busy and trying to avoid the frigid winter weather as much as possible.
I'm currently working on a set of sketch cards for the Topps Wacky Packages Chrome trading card set that is scheduled to hit the stores June 2014. I'm doing 200 cards for this series and I'm a little over halfway through. This series has been more difficult than previous ones I worked on for a couple of reasons. Fist of all the blank cards are much smaller because they will be embedded into the chrome borders of the finished cards after they are mailed back to Topps so I have been using much smaller pens to attain the detail I typically put into them. Also the cards contain products and characters from only the first three series (1973) so there is only a limited number of subjects to choose from. Up until now I haven't had to do duplicate any characters so I have to find creative ways to make each sketch card one of a kind and unique. I spend about 30-45 minutes on each one and try to get at least 10 done a day.

Once these are finished I have 200 sketch cards waiting to be illustrated for Wacky Packages Old School 5 series which is due to come out in August 2014.

I already sent 266 completed sketch cards to Topps for the Wacky Packages 2014 series 1. It appears that set has been postponed to a November 2014 release so I won't be sharing any images of them on the Funtime Blog for a bit.

In Garbage Pail Kids news: I will be a guest at the Rod Library Mini Comicon at the University of Northern Iowa on Saturday March 9th. The four-story library on campus will be hosting the Comicon and there are tons of presentations, artists, vendors, tournaments, competitions, and contests.
At my tables I plan on doing free sketch cards, displaying a complete timeline of GPK collectables, dicussing the history of GPK, and selling artwork.

   photo comicfw__zpsabcdfb42.jpg

I will also be doing an appearance at Free Comic Book Day at the local comic and gaming shop The Core on Saturday May 3rd. This will be the third time I've done a Garbage Pail Kids sketch event there. The Core is the kind of Comic shop that every science fiction, horror, and fantasy nerd loves. It's got about anything you can think of including a large selection of Garbage Pail Kids items for sale.

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 photo Steve_Potter_FCBD_2014_Banner_zps3a7a9921.jpg

Here is a video showing previous sketch card events I participated in at the Core.

The best part about these events is the kids (the adult GPK fans are great also), they love talking about the Garbage Pail Kids and it's fun for me seeing everybody getting a kick out of the humor and discussing their favorite cards.