Saturday, January 3, 2009



So far most of my blog has just been posting photos of my autograph collecting hobby but I'm going to try and make it a little more entertaining and interesting over the next year. My biggest interest is my artwork but unfortunately I haven't been able to post anything I've been working on lately because it's for animation work. Some of the animation work I do is for cartoons that are still in development and we sign contracts that the company owns what we create. Hopefully I will have some time to work on personal stuff.
I'm also going to focus more on some of the other things I'm interested in. The autograph thing was just something to keep me busy. The only autographs I received that I really care about are my Garbage Pail Kids and my records and photos that Black Francis signed for me. The other stuff is just for fun and just to see how many I could get.
I'm also going to post info on neat artists or videos I find.
I don't think anyone has actually visited my blog. At least I haven't seen any comments or anything. I would like to post at least one new item a day. I think I'll copy/paste my "MR. POTTER'S FUNTIME BULLETINS" here also from myspace. That's a great resolution.