Sunday, January 26, 2014


For the Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 1 I drew 250 sketch cards (200 regular shaped sketch cards, and 50 garbage can shaped sketch cards). Like the Brand New Series 3 sketch cards I did in 2013, I did different characters for each one and did not repeat any of the ones I did before with two exceptions (I repeated Bloody Mary from the first set in the card where Nasty Nick is attempting to drink the blood squirting from her finger, and Nasty Nick appears again as the Tom Bunk card back version).

 photo 2014TOPPSGBK1_zps6c1e28b0.jpg

 photo wrapper_zpse2143675.jpg

Here are scans of the sketch card backs:

 photo SKETCHCARDBACK_zpsb8814a24.jpg

 photo CANSHAPEDSKETCHCARDBACK_zps3fd13179.jpg

Here are the scans of all 250 sketch cards. This time I added color to some of them. All of the sketch cards were drawn in ink and colored pencil.

 photo P20_zps362374c2.jpg

 photo P22_zps022a692a.jpg

 photo P21_zpsf57f7d6d.jpg

 photo P14_zps35d9a1bb.jpg

 photo P10_zps57b12c8c.jpg

 photo P17_zpse9bc76f0.jpg

 photo P18_zps16292423.jpg

 photo P19_zpsd2542071.jpg

 photo P13_zpscdcf510a.jpg

 photo P16_zpsae47b90c.jpg

 photo P12_zpsbbccccb5.jpg

 photo P15_zpsadb6c304.jpg

 photo P11_zps230c7be3.jpg

 photo P9_zps0b9040fd.jpg

 photo P4_zps9ab993bc.jpg

 photo P5_zps2847ade5.jpg

 photo P8_zpsb7664261.jpg

 photo P7_zpsb3fbbfc9.jpg

 photo P6_zpsf5b8ed0e.jpg

 photo P2_zps6a967c5d.jpg

 photo P3_zpsd4797e3a.jpg

 photo P1_zpsf36c5712.jpg

 photo P23_zpse3599092.jpg

 photo P25_zps336b471b.jpg

 photo P27_zps9b692bd8.jpg

 photo P24_zpsf3dda137.jpg

 photo P28_zps500ce4a6.jpg

 photo P26_zpsc72d101f.jpg


Unknown said...

My fave is the kid dressed as the mad batter pouring tea through his brain:)


I'm pretty sure that Mad Hatter gag was from the 2013 series. You'll have to check out the actual card art Sarah.

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