Monday, June 9, 2014


Topps Wacky Packages Chrome series is just around the corner with an estimated release date of 7/23/2014. From what I've read and the massive amount of work that Topps and their artists have put into this series, it is looking to be an amazing set!

  photo CHROMEBOX_zpsf11c6e83.jpg

There is a nice breakdown of what the set includes at :
I had the pleasure of working on 200 autographed artist sketch cards for this set which are smaller sketches that will be embedded in the chrome bordered cards and inserted into the packs as rare chase cards.
This will be the third Wacky Packages series I've done sketches for but the first one to be released so I am excited to see people find my sketch cards in their packs next month.

I thought I'd share some mock-up scans of the sketch cards I did based on the preview of what the borders are supposed to look like (these are not actual versions of the finished product). I had a lot of fun working on these and hope the fans and collectors like them.

 photo 122_zpsa8bef676.jpg

 photo 121_zpsd0ddb8bf.jpg 

  photo 120_zpsdf314f70.jpg

  photo 123_zpsbce17d48.jpg

  photo 119_zps65c4f823.jpg

  photo 118_zps2cbb89bc.jpg

  photo 116_zpse67384ef.jpg

  photo 117_zps19cbf28d.jpg

  photo 115_zps83deea18.jpg

  photo 114_zps029997e5.jpg

  photo 112_zps2f17a260.jpg

  photo 111_zps5b7447b4.jpg

  photo 113_zps0822cfc8.jpg

  photo 110_zpsf69882c9.jpg

  photo 108_zps03965cd3.jpg

  photo 109_zpscb240672.jpg

  photo 107_zps61110f67.jpg

  photo 106_zps3f13b011.jpg

  photo 102_zps22244b22.jpg

  photo 104_zps9cdb256f.jpg

  photo 103_zps7f633a01.jpg

  photo 101_zps48e30884.jpg

  photo 105_zps87c6c6fb.jpg

  photo 100_zps18ae05c2.jpg

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