Monday, January 5, 2009


Up until now I've just been storing my celebrity autographs in a binder which I filled up. The only ones I actually framed and hung were the Garbage Pail Kids above my computer area in the dining room. I had a large window-box frame that I got at the last garage sale of the summer and I was saving it for something nice. A few days ago I got two autographed records and two photos from my favorite musician Black Francis (lead singer of the Pixies, a.k.a Frank Black). They ended up fitting nicely into the large frame and are unquestionably the greatest thing I've ever received. I figured it was time to hang up some of the other celebrities to even out the wall. I just randomly chose from the binder which ones I could fit and hung them above the Garbage Pail Kids. It ended up looking pretty good. I think that it is most important to surround yourself with the things that you love and in a way build yourself a happy retreat from the outside world. Here's a photo of what the dining room looks like now.


On the left wall I hung (starting from the upper left) Rod Taylor, Anjelina Jolie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyssa Milano, Florence Henderson, Mike Wartella (wacky packages)x2, Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller/ Nicholas Cage (in one frame), Tim Allen, Strephon Taylor (wacky packages/garbage pail kids), and Tom Bunk (wacky packages/ garbage pail kids/ trash can trolls).

On the right wall I hung (starting from the upper left) Dolly Parton, Samantha Mathis, Joey Greco, Jeff Goldblum, Black Francis, Owen Wilson, Katey Segal, Jude Marilyn Milian, Jennifer Aniston/ The Amazing Kreskin (in one frame), John Pound's commissioned GPK for Craze One Clothing, John Pound (wacky packages/ garbage pail kids), Luiz Diaz, Brent Engstrom, John Cebellero (wacky packages/ garbage pail kids in one frame), Fred Wheaton (wacky packages/ garbage pail kids).

Here's a close-up of the Black Francis stuff.


The two 7" records are:


JOHN PEEL SESSIONS recorded October 18, 1988. and...


JOHN PEEL SESSIONS recorded June 7, 1988.

I still have a whole bunch more signed photos I could frame and hang so I might eventually take ove the whole dining room. Who knows?

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