Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I started collecting celebrity autographs on August 19th of last year and it's been really neat to see who sends a response and how the whole thing works. I've received well over 100 signed items and photos since then from all kinds of celebrities.

Today I got my second mailing from actress Shirley Maclaine. The first time I got a 5"x7" photo and a letter but for some reason she forgot to sign it. That was over a month ago. I didn't consider that a positive response because there really was no autograph so I just kid of blew it off.


So I was surprised today to find a second mailing. This time I got a 8"x10" autographed photo and a duplicate letter. The photo is just slightly different this time.



I think Shirley Maclaine is neat because she's all about astrology, psychics, hypnosis, and paranormal stuff. Things I've always been fascinated with.
After I got the first letter I considered Emailing her again just to let her know she forgot to sign the photo. I guess one of her psychic friends must have told her because she sent that new one.

Most celebrities won't personalize the photograph probably because they just fill them out by the stack and don't answer personally. I found that some celebrities ask you to support a foundation or donate money to a cause. I tried to get an autograph from Tippi Hedron from "The Birds" but she asks you to donate $25 bucks to save the hippos or something. Michael J. Fox wants you to donate to stem cell research or muscular dystrophy.

Some celebrities send you shitloads of email. I must get at least 20 emails a month from Lisa Lampanelli. Some are travelling or shooting movies so you have to try and contact them where they are currently at. You send a request to a movie set or a show on broadway and hope they get it before it's over.

As a Christmas gift I thought it would be funny to get a bunch of autographed photos of porn stars for my brother so I emailed a bunch and one of the guys who is supposed to be the "oldest porn star still performing" started sending me emails and creeped me out.
I haven't sent out any new requests for autographs recently, I think I'm going to make a top ten type list of ones I really want and I'll post that on another blog.