Saturday, January 31, 2009


Mad just recently announced that it will be published quarterly which fucking sucks for people like me who have a lifetime subscription. Not only that but they are cancelling Mad Classics and Mad Kids magazine altogether. Several Mad staffers have been laid off and I'm sure this is all a result of the fucking recession.
Most people would say, "Stop whining, who cares?" but this is actually a big deal. Like I mentioned in aprevious blog, Mad Magazine has been around longer than Playboy and is two issues away from it's 500th issue. It's just another piece America that's hurting.

I can tell you the magazine is just as (if not more) humorous as it's ever been and the artists and writers are just as talented. So it has nothing to do with taste or sales. This months issue was so popular stores nationwide ran out of copies immediately and now it's selling like crazy on Ebay . I bought an extra copy because my subscription showed up late.

If Playboy was going from twelve to four issues a year people would be rioting in the streets. If you can find a copy of this months issue I ask you to please pick up a copy for five bucks and just set it next to the toilet for reading material. Next time you take a shit you can think of me. I know I've got plenty of "Art friends" and I'm probably not the only kid who dreamed of growing up and drawing for Mad. It's pretty pathetic when Alfred E. Neuman can't say "What Me Worry?" because our economy is so lousy. When we are in a serious crisis laughter is our most powerful weapon. Those who know me well believe me when I say I've joked my way through some pretty rotten shit. Thanks for reading my rant.


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