Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was looking for some gift items at Entertainment Earth and I ran across these new Labyrinth collectibles. Dang I would love these.

This is a plush replica of one of the door knockers. It would be a lot cooler if it wasn't a glorified stuffed animal, and if they made the other one for a pair.

These are the Jareth and Hoggle action figures that come together as a set. Fricken' awesome!

This is the 12" Jareth the Goblin King figure, it comes with additional hand holding a crystal ball, and it talks!! Here is a list of the crap it says:

"Go back to your room. Play with your toys and your costumes."

"I've brought you a gift; it's a crystal, nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it'll show you your dreams."

"But this is not a gift for an ordinary girl."

"Do you want it?"

"Don't defy me."

"You have 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth."

"It's further than you think. Time is short."

This is the 9" plush talking Ludo that says, "Smells baaaad!" and "Sara friend?". I wish they would have made an action figure instead of a dumb stuffed animal. I guess I should be glad they made Labyrinth collectibles at all.
Also they have a replica of the bracelet that Sara gives Hoggle but last I checked it was all sold out.

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