Sunday, April 19, 2009


A strange coincidence? I'm thinking that my friend Dave sent me a reply from the other side. Hear me out.
About three weeks ago you will see by my blog post was the day I visited my old pal Dave Crew's grave, and I left him a gift. Since we both loved Garbage Pail Kids cards and traded together as kids I stuck the card "HAVE A NICE DAVE" on his gravestone.


A couple days ago I was fooling around on Ebay buying and selling and I found out that some Garbage Pail Kids stuff was being released and sold from the Topps Vault. Every once and a while they sell original art or production materials from Topps and they usually sell relatively fast and for a high price.

There was a large number of "blue line proofs" being sold for different cards and each one came with a certificate of authenticity and Topps hologram and stuff. The blue line proof is used in the printing process to make sure the color is correct along with magenta, cyan, etc...
Anyway, Topps has had these items in the "vault" and decided to sell a bunch on Ebay for collectors. Since there is only one of each in existance the bidding can get intense.

I figured I would give it a shot and see if maybe I could win myself one. I bid on lots of these in the hope of winning one but was outbid every time. A card dealer was buying them up like crazy and then selling them back for $200+ a piece. I got sick of trying and gave up. I set a maximum bid on all the ones that were left and went out for the evening.

The next day when I checked Ebay I was surprised to see that I actually won one of the auctions so I looked to see which card I had gotten. The only one I had won the bid on was the same card I had put on Dave's gravestone!


Out of 720 different cards, it seems like an odd chance that the same card I gave to him happened to be the card I won. Later on that evening I just came to the realization that Dave was just giving thanks from the other side. Somehow he worked out a way to send me an obvious sign. I plan on framing it when I get it in the mail, and every time I look at it I won't be able to help but think of Dave. Thanks bud, message received.


Eileen said...

This is a really cool story!

Anonymous said...

IDK if you'll ever see this but that's amazing man. good for you :]