Sunday, August 1, 2010



Found a copy of this at the thrift store and my wife Laura just finished reading it so I figured it would be a fun weekend movie. I've seen it before but not in one sitting. Long book, long friggin' movie.

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laura potter said...

aww! i love that you posted this.

steve's the best husband ever guys and i'll tell you why: i'm a HUGE stephen king fan. i've read 99.2% of his books but i only own 69.2% so steve's always on the look out at garage sales and thrift stores for the ones i don't have. he brings home "the stand" one day and as insane as it is for a huge s. king fan to have not read it... i haven't. so i'm gulping it down and loving it while steve starts his new mission. he has to find the made for t.v movie since i hadn' seen it back in the day. after hours of time spent in pawn shops and thrift stores all over the cedar valley of course he finds it.
he seriously must love the crap outtta me : )