Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A few garage sale finds I forgot to post.


This is a Fisher Price movie viewer from 1985. You put these long yellow cartridges into it and crank the lever to watch a short cartoon. It's kind of fun because the speed of the animation frames is determined by how fast you turn the lever. Also if you turn it backwards you can watch it in reverse. I had one of these a few years ago with a bunch of cartridges but I gave it to my little brother as a gift so it was nice to run across another one. (The cartridge in it is Gummi Bears).


A bunch of Diener erasers. Grapes, strawberry, blue heart, apple, fireman, rat, and three yellow milk bottles.


A Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger bank. No date on it, might be worth a little bit?

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Monica said...

that Tony is from the early 70s OR late 60s I had it when I was little, well I still have it