Saturday, June 21, 2008


So after searching half a dozen stores I finally found a box of the new Wacky Packages Flashback cards.

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These are actually a lot cooler than they originally looked.

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I normally despise psychedelic shit and stuff from the late 60's and the 70's. There are 72 cards in the base set and they are arranged in a certain way.

Cards numbered 1 to 64 are reprints from the classic 1970's Wacky Packages.

* These were printed with "flower power inspired" backgrounds.
* Cards numbered 18 to 37 are taken from the 1973 posters and 1974 posters.

Cards numbered 65 to 72 are never before published "Lost Wackys".

* The Lost Wackys are printed with plain white backgrounds.

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There are also:
6 Bonus stickers
10 "Lenticular"(motion cards) found one in 12 packs.
and for each of the 72 stickers in the base set there are five border colors

* Black borders: nine or ten found in every pack.
* Green borders: one in 3 packs.
* Pink borders: one in 6 packs.
* Silver borders: one in 12 packs.
* Gold borders: one in 204 packs.
o The gold parallels are extremely rare, only 40 of each title was printed.

Since the "Gold" border stickers are so rare, they are selling on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. Its like opening up a candy bar and finding a Wonka golden ticket. I may have spent a little bit of money on trading cards over my lifetime but come on guys can we say "cardboard"? It's just a fun hobby.

If by any chance you do find an unopened box of these cards I would suggest you buy it just for the resale implications. Walmart barely ordered any this time compared to earlier series and Topps only produced 587,520 packs in the first place which is far less than the 800,000 packs they produced for the previous ANS6 series.

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Another neat thing that just recently came out is a coffee-table book on Wacky Packages that features Series 1-7 from 1973-74. It also has interviews with Wacky artists Art Spiegelman and Jay Lynch.

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The book also comes with 4 exclusive cards which is cool and there is word out on the internet that 10 anomalies have been found so far. Which means if you get the book you may also get some rare card for your collection.

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I ordered this book but it hasn't come in yet. Next time I'll go to Barnes & Noble.

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