Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've done some previous "drive-in" related posts in the past, but each time summer starts rolling around I get nostalgic again and miss having a drive-in theater in town to go to. I was super lucky to grow up with not only one, but two drive-ins in my town (the Starlite and the Hillcrest). I actually saw my first movie at the Starlite (The Muppet Movie) in 1979. This not only got me addicted to the Muppets at a young age but I believe the drive-in theater as well.
My wife and I had dozens of dates at the Hillcrest as we first started dating and falling in love. The day I got my first car there was a drive-in speaker in the window that night.
Just a few days ago I found some old newspapers in the recycling bin and I always have to go to the movie listings and see what was playing at the theaters. I found the newspaper ad for 4th of July weekend 1975.



I wish I had a friggin' time machine. Sounds like a fun night. Since my flux capacitor is in the shop here's some great drive-in intermission clips I hope you can enjoy as much as I do.

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