Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SPRING CLEANING IN THE STUDIO/ garage sale addiction

One of my favorite things about springtime is cleaning up all the mess I made during the winter when I was inside screwing around. My studio where I work on a lot of my artwork is usually what I save for last, however this year I'm going to leave the garage.
Last year I didn't have a gallery show because I ran out of artwork to sell the year before and I didn't have much of anything left over. Since I never got into making prints, I would sell the original artwork and that would be the end of it. I figured the best thing to do was spend the winter building up a good deal of art so I would have that stuff in the spring and summer for art festivals and shows.
This didn't end up working out so hot because I got in this mode of drawing up all these small illustrations and not stretching any canvas or doing anything of any real size. I had a lot of fun drawing them but the small stuff never sells as good as the big paintings. Oops.
As I was straightening up the studio I realized that I need to cut down on all the junk I keep buying. I thought I had it under control and made it a point to sell off some of my bigger collections a year ago on Ebay but I can't stop buying this crap. Thrift stores and garage sales are the killer. All these old people around here have no clue how wonderful all this 80's crap is to people like me and thier kids are all moved out so they take all this treasure and haul it out of the attic and stick it in the thrift store or garage sales. I can't resist to pass up a garage sale so I come along and make off like a bandit and bring all this stuff home I don't have room for. It's a vicious cycle.

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Leah said...

just don't start storing it in your car