Thursday, June 5, 2008


I've been thinking a lot lately about covering a large portion of my body with tattoos. I'm always drawing them up for other people so I figure maybe I should put a bunch on myself. Right now I've only got a couple and they are in bad shape and need to be retouched or covered anyway. I'm also covered with a lot of ugly scars from surgeries I went through when I had cancer in 1999 and just other dumb shit I did to destroy my body. So here's my ideas.
As you can tell I didn't use photoshop to retouch my body or hide how chubby I'm getting so if you don't like it too bad.


What I'd like to do is retouch the tattoo I have of the logo from my favorite band "The Pixies" on my right shoulder and then I'm going to add the words "TROMPE LE MONDE" underneath it which means "fool the world" in French and was the title of their fifth and final album.

I'm going to get "COOEY" written over my heart on the left of my chest because that's always been my pet-name for my wife.

The number 13 will go across from that on the right. That's for the Pixies song "No. 13 Baby", "She's got a tattooed tit, says number 13"

Alfred E. Neuman's head goes on my left shoulder with the words "Quid, Me Anxius Sum?" underneath which is "What Me Worry?" in Latin.


On my back a big old Adam Bomb, the most classic Garbage Pail Kid ever. What do you think, black or color? Leave your comments.




yo, dad, i like the black and white. :}

Leah said...

I like the idea of pasting tattoos on to your own picture... it gives you a good idea of what it will look like (and you've been talking about doing it for a while). I tried to do that too... but it didn't work nearly as well.

I want to get more tattoos too, I am having a hard time figuring on designs though. I want a radio tower, with lots of sparks and fire coming from the top. I also would like to eventually get something to signify the birth of my first child. I also want to get more nature on my right arm, fill in more of a nature scene with more animal friends (probably just cats).

How would you picture a radio tower? I think that I would like it on my left arm, toward the top, starting from the mess that's on there now. It will look like a little magical land with a radio tower rising from the weird stars and flowers. Something/Anything to fix up that mess.

Have you thought of making the "13" on your chest a little more fanciful?

Anonymous said...

Love the photoshoping of the tatoos... I like the Cooey idea, and all of your ideas are totally unique. I never see you with your shirt off, so I almost forgot you had a tat already.