Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My sister Cathy told me about this thing called "The Worlds Biggest Garage Sale" which I'm sure isn't true but we went anyway and you had to pay a buck to get in. I took my family and my niece and nephew and sister and after we paid to get in we found out everyone was packing up and the thing was over in five minutes. There was way too much stuff to look at so we just split up and dashed around real quick looking at whatever was left out. I guess this was a good time to shop because the vendors were exhausted and were making good deals. I was looking around and I found a box with a bunch of autographed photos in it. I asked the guy if they were real and he said they were. I looked at them real good and saw that they were legitimate so I asked him how much they were a piece. He said I could take the whole box for five dollars. So I bought them all. I didn't really have too much time to look at them until I got out to the car, but the ones I got were:
* Bridgette Bardot (actress)
* Jimmy Buffet (singer)
* Art Carney (actor) deceased
* Tammy Wynette (singer) deceased
* Milton Berle (actor/ comedian) deceased
* Kenny Rogers (singer)
* Dolly Parton (singer)
* Jack Palance (actor) deceased
* Peter Boyle (actor) deceased
* Rod Taylor (actor)
* Ursula Andrews (actress)
* Clay Aiken (singer)

The only one I really was excited about getting was Rod Taylor just because I'm a big Hitchcock fan and he was in "The Birds", also he was in "The Time Machine" which is a great sci-fi flick. I framed the Clay Aiken photo and gave that to my mom for her birthday and she freaked out, and I gave Ursula Andrews to my son Jack because he's a big James Bond fan and he wanted to have an autographed Bond Girl photo on his wall.